How to Ensure That Your School Is Meeting Departmental Requirements

The “Keeping Children Safe in Education” requirements from the department mean that there is much greater transparency when it comes to the safety and security of our children. We send our children to school with the tacit assumption that they will be well looked after and that the teachers will behave in the best interests. Such departmental initiatives aim to keep all children safer and more secure in schools.

A Problem of Complexity

It is vital that every school is completely aware of the status of all teachers, both permanent and temporary, when it comes to their security checks and mandatory requirements in the context of such things as:

  • Qualified teacher status
  • EEA checks
  • Prohibition checks

The biggest problem is that most schools do not use a system that notifies them when these checks are required. This causes a great deal more complexity than is necessary and places children at risk of being taught by teachers who are not meeting legal requirements. The good news is that an Online SCR (Single Central Record) system can eliminate these problems.

An Organised Database

By using such a piece of software, the records of all permanent and temporary teachers is easily accessible through an online interface that is easy for staff members to use. This system tracks the status of each and every teacher, notifying the relevant administrators when it is time for further security checks to be done in order to remain compliant with the “Keeping Children safe in Education” initiative.